Privacy Laws

Some Proactive Measures to Improve Cybersecurity Preparedness

The impact of ongoing ransomware events in the healthcare and broader business communities compel us both professionally and personally to self-reflect and to ask tough questions like “how ready are we?” “can we really do anything to prevent it from

New York Privacy Act: Why This Bill is One to Watch

After stalling last summer, the New York Privacy Act is back in play as legislators returned to Albany for the 2020 session. Featured in our roundup of top headlines from 2019, this bill has the potential to provide New York residents with more

Understanding the Landscape of Education Law & EdTech: FERPA, COPPA and Other Considerations

Technology has transformed the way in which students are learning. Schools increasingly integrate IoT devices and third-party applications into the everyday delivery and management of education.

Medical Devices: Narrowing the Information Security Threat Surface

Federal Data Privacy Law Proposals: Notable Differences

Hearings on two federal privacy law bills from opposite sides of the aisle were held late last week before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

The Snowball Effect of Privacy Laws: GDPR, CCPA and now Nevada, and more to come

While companies prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to come into effect on January 1, they may also need to catch up on a law that is already on the books – Nevada’s internet consumer privacy law.