Our team includes nationally-recognized leaders in data breach response and cybersecurity and privacy law, as well as former federal regulators, former in-house counsels of international companies, tech entrepreneurs, business owners and public–company executives. Our lawyers and technology specialists help you grow your business and achieve strategic objectives, adapt to new technologies and regulations, identify and reduce risk, and manage the response to data breaches, cybersecurity incidents, privacy matters and other crises.

Team Beckage

Jennifer Beckage
Jennifer counsels clients in the areas of breach response and mitigation, data security, information technology and privacy law, and business growth. She has responded to numerous headline-making, national and international data breaches and cyber incidents, providing crucial notification strategy and actionable risk mitigation advice.

Jennifer A. Beckage, Esq.

Certified Information Privacy Professional, United States (CIPP/US) and Certified Information Privacy Professional, Europe (CIPP/E) - Read more

Antonia M. Dumas, Esq.

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Compliance Attorney - Read more

Naimah J. Duporte, Esq.

Data Privacy Attorney Focusing on Data Analysis and Classification - Read more

Jordan L. Fischer, Esq.

Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States (CIPP/US), Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) and Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM). - Read more

Daniel P. Greene, Esq.
Seasoned Litigator with Extensive Background in Business Growth and Entrepreneurship.

Daniel P. Greene, Esq.

Certified Information Privacy Professional, United States (CIPP/US) and Certified Information Privacy Professional, Europe (CIPP/E) - Read more

Kara L. Hilburger, Esq.
Kara advises and counsels corporate clients on a myriad of labor and employment issues, including those touching upon technology and privacy matters.

Kara L. Hilburger, Esq.

Certified Information Privacy Professional, United States (CIPP/US) - Read more

Myriah V. Jaworski, Esq.
Represents businesses in a wide range of commercial and consumer class action litigation, and in defense of government investigations, concerning data breach, privacy and technology disputes.

Myriah V. Jaworski, Esq.

Certified Information Privacy Professional, United States (CIPP/US) and Certified Information Privacy Professional, Europe (CIPP/E) - Read more

Andrea C. Kuettel, R.N., Esq.
Andrea was in-house counsel at a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, where she oversaw compliance issues for privacy and IT security, including by supervising the work of in-house privacy and IT security professionals for data security.
Patrick McNally
Litigator, Former Senior Government Advisor and National Technology and Data Manager for Voter Protection

Patrick D. McNally, Esq.

Litigator, Former Senior Government Advisor and National Technology and Data Manager for Voter Protection - Read more

Brian Meyers
Brian is an accomplished litigator representing clients in state and federal courts in professional liability, commercial litigation and class action matters. He has focused experience in cases involving professional liability and breach of contract claims in the design and construction industries and has represented clients in class action proceedings under the Biometric Information Privacy Act (“BIPA”), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Fair Housing Act.

Brian H. Myers, Esq.

Accomplished litigator representing clients in professional liability, commercial litigation, and class action matters - Read more

Daniel J. Parziale, Esq.

Certified Information Privacy Professional, United States (CIPP/US) - Read more

Chirag H. Patel, Esq.

Litigator Focusing on Technology, E-Commerce, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity, Advertising, Class Action & Trade Secrets - Read more

Allison K. Prout, Esq.
Allison Prout advises clients across a breadth of information technology matters, focusing heavily on IT contracting and complex technology transactions, privacy program development, and incident response.

Allison K. Prout, Esq.

Certified Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner - Read more

Sarah L. Rugnetta, Esq.
Sarah Rugnetta advises hospitals, medical groups, insurers, foundations and not-for-profit entities on privacy and security matters.

Sarah L. Rugnetta, Esq.

Certified Information Privacy Professional, Europe (CIPP/E) - Read more

Joseph Zito
Joseph represents businesses in a wide range of Intellectual Property disputes, including Patent, Trademarks, Trade Secrets and Copyrights, across a broad spectrum of technical disciplines.

Joseph J. Zito, Esq.

Intellectual Property Litigator and Registered Patent Attorney with comprehensive Supreme Court, Federal & State Court Experience - Read more

Jodi Y. Beaubien

Head of Cyber Partnerships - Read more

Nicole Smith, Esq.
Nicole provides strategic legal counsel to technology businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging growth companies.

Nicole J. Smith, Esq.

Technology Counsel with Securities and Financial Industry Experience - Read more

Michael Chirico, Esq.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) - Read more

Jim Gerland
Jim provides consulting services to Beckage and its clients on a variety of information technology matters.

Jim Gerland

Information Technology Strategist - Read more

Our Team also includes paralegals, research assistants, and IT specialists that assist our clients in incident response and data security and privacy matters.