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Yesterday California Attorney General Published Proposed Regulations As States Privacy Law CCPA Effective Date Rapidly Approaches

With only a few months left before the landmark California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) takes effect, yesterday the California Attorney General announced Proposed Regulations implementing the CCPA. By way of background, the CCPA comes into effect January 1, 2020 and will put some of the strictest guidelines the US has seen regarding the collection and processing of personal information of California residents. While the law addresses the processing of personal information of California residents, the CCPA is likely to have far reaching impacts on businesses across the nation, including New York-based businesses. The text of the CCPA can be found here.

Under the CCPA, the Attorney General is charged with adopting regulations to further the CCPA’s purpose and provide businesses across the country with guidance on complying with the CCPA. The text of the Attorney General’s proposed regulations can be found here and the AG’s initial statement of reasons for the proposed regulations can be found here.

There are a variety of opportunities for interested businesses to submit feedback on the proposed CCPA regulations to the AG. There will be also several public hearings held throughout Calofnria to submit feedback. More information on submitting feedback can be found here.

The deadline to submit comments is December 6, 2019. The California AG will only consider comments received by that time. All comments received by the deadline will be posted on the AG’s website and are subject to the Public Records Act.

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Compliance with the GDPR or other privacy laws does not equal compliance with the CCPA. Layering in on top of compliance with these laws is the myriad of data security laws that are rapidly changing. Contact Beckage PLLC with questions about data security and privacy compliance programs and related litigation. 

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