Emerging Technologies

Beckage helps clients innovate and function in an age of disruptive technology. We understand the challenges associated with adapting new technologies, where the regulatory landscape is unclear. From evaluating ICOs and digital asset security, to the use of drones, robots and automated technologies, Beckage leads clients who seek to develop or use innovative products to reduce risks and maximize opportunities in their operations.

At Beckage, our core competencies are technology and law, and our team’s backgrounds prove it. Beckage attorneys include former technology business owners and in-house information technology strategists who understand websites, network environments and database infrastructures. Our deep understanding of technological infrastructures allows us to work efficiently with IT departments and business executives to help put clients in a legally-defensible position and minimize risk and innovate.

Technology Disputes

We represent business in commercial disputes concerning emerging technologies, technology systems and services, breach of contract and indemnity claims to third-party vendor breaches, software disputes, website takedowns, domain name disputes, privacy disputes, and other technology-related matters.

Artificial Intelligence/Data Science/Predictive Coding

Businesses have access to large data sets and now is an exciting time to leverage such data to improve operations, customer experience, and the industry ecosystem. We work with clients in developing policies and third-party contracts, addressing the use of AI, data science and predictive coding in projects.

Digital Assets (Bitcoin, Blockchain)

What is a crypto currency and what role can digital assets and networks like bitcoin or blockchain play in my company’s operations? These are the questions that Beckage helps clients to navigate. Beckage advises companies on the legal and regulatory implications of integrating digital assets into business operations and maximizing the use of digital networks in product offerings.

Internet of Things

Personal and business privacy should contemplate the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices are fully integrated into our home and business through the use of devices, vehicles, appliances and other electronically embedded products. In these exciting digital times, integrating IoT without managing the data and operational risks they pose could result in otherwise avoidable data breaches and security incidents to a business. Beckage understands IoT technologies and advises clients on best management practices for their use and integration.