Crisis Management

Cyber attacks. Active shooters. Spills and explosions. Natural disasters.

Adverse events and crises threaten a business’s operations and reputation. Effective risk management requires a team of professionals trained to implement in times of crisis. The crisis professionals at Beckage have handled significant client crises, working to minimize critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, provide effective employee communication, and notify relevant stakeholders. Beckage knows the importance of a coordinated legal, technical and public relations response to crisis management, and has the network of contacts to manage a crisis to its best business outcome.

Crisis Prevention & Planning

Beckage helps clients avoid crises by its proactive Prevention & Planning services. Beckage develops crisis and threat awareness programs to assist in early-detection, drafts crisis response and management plans to identify meaningful crisis strategy, reviews insurance policies for coverage, and conducts tabletop exercises and simulations to train clients and their staff on effective crisis response.

With our extensive crisis response experience, we are best positioned to help craft practical and legally defensible incident response plans, policies and other contracts and test them through tabletop exercises.

Incident Response

A core team of Beckage attorneys provide on-the-ground response for clients in the time of crisis, reporting directly to company leadership as they work to minimize legal exposure and regulatory vulnerabilities, and manage response efforts and communication with relevant stakeholders.

Post-Crisis Counsel

Crises can result in lawsuits, regulatory inquiries, employee grievances and adverse publicity. Beckage’s post-crisis counsel enables clients to refocus on business matters, while Beckage leads other initiatives to mitigate risk and exposure. We frequently interact with state and federal regulators to respond to regulatory inquiries and defend against enforcement actions. Our team includes former government attorneys who have unique insight into the appropriate regulatory response, and litigators who effectively defend against resulting private and class action lawsuits.