Business Growth

The attorneys at Beckage not only have broad legal skills, but also have practical business experience. With their experience as successful entrepreneurs, owners and operators in technology and other industries, Beckage lawyers advise clients to anticipate, address, and resolve the day-to-day realities of today’s competitive business climate. Many members of Beckage have owned numerous successful businesses – so they can provide real-world practical advice. From maximizing the use of technology, to understanding the human element of working with people, Beckage provides efficient legal advice that advances strategic growth and profitability objectives.


Contracts and Transactions

At Beckage we provide counsel to businesses in all aspects of commercial transactions, including negotiation of agreements and development of standard terms and conditions for the sale of goods and services, licensing agreements, product development agreements, contract management, and dispute resolution. We also speed up the procurement with our Intelligent It Contract review and consultation.

Product Development

Assets are increasingly important within businesses across various industries. Beckage helps structure, draft, and negotiate licenses across the full spectrum intellectual property assets to maximize company growth in today’s highly competitive world.

Formation and Funding

Beckage attorneys come to the table with a depth of business expertise and background, which in turn allows us to provide our clients with tailored services and solutions to meet their specific legal and business needs through all stages of business development. We help companies navigate throughout their entire lifecycles, from formation to funding, strategic partnerships, commercialization, and ultimately through exit. We advise on the issues and the choices regarding which is the appropriate entity for them, assist with structuring and negotiating rights among founders and investors, protecting and licensing intellectual property and other key assets, assisting with issues affecting employees and consultants, including preparing non-competition, confidentiality, assignment of business ideas and equity incentive agreements, and negotiating and preparing initial agreements with customers and other key business partners.

Data Security and Privacy Governance

Beckage has helped advise large highly regulated entities on CISO, CIO, CTO, DPO, Privacy Officer roles and responsibilities and reporting structures. Beckage helps in all stages from leading regular IT meetings to drafting roles and responsibilities for governance matters. We have presented to and prepared materials for Boards and leadership on all aspects of cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, privacy litigation matters, cloud and data storage and transmission strategies, and emerging legislation.

Workforce and Human Resources

Beckage attorneys provide strategic advice and innovative legal services necessary to help employers minimize legal risk through effective workplace strategies, as well as respond to the compliance issues or disputes that inevitably arise in today’s business environment. Our attorneys are available on a day-to-day basis to provide guidance to human resource and business managers on all aspects of personnel matters, including benefits, issues regarding hiring, firing, reductions in force, administration of collective bargaining agreements, economic lay-offs, affirmative action compliance and plans, contract interpretation, FMLA issues, use of independent contractors, federal and state discrimination law, medical leave, and wage and hour laws. We can work with you to update employment policies and procedures and employee handbooks and customize training to fit the needs of your organization.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Beckage attorneys provide companies contemplating or navigating the world of merger and acquisition with practical and actionable advice to minimize risk and meet strategic goals. We provide legal, business and financial advice relating to a variety of transactions including: asset and stock acquisitions and divestitures, strategic mergers, recapitalizations, refinancings and other types of corporate restructurings, leveraged and management buyouts and ownership transition and management succession plans.