Jordan Fischer New Frontier ABA Cybersecurity Podcast

Jordan Fischer Hosts Another Season of ‘The New Frontier,’ An ABA Podcast on Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

We are pleased to announce that Beckage Global Data Privacy Team Lead, Jordan Fischer, returns to host another season of the cybersecurity and data privacy podcast, “The New Frontier,” which is part of the American Bar Association Business Law Section’s podcast series. Season 2, Episode 1 launched on December 13th and Jordan interviews Jody R. Westby, founder, and CEO of Global Cyber Risk, a technology and advisory services firm. Listen to Season 2, Episode 1.

Jordan previously hosted the eighth season of “To the Extent That…,” which was later retitled “Cybersecurity and Data Privacy — The New Frontier.” The season ran from January to July 2021 and featured a variety of guests.