Cyber Incidents Thanksgiving

Reminder: Stay Vigilant Against Cyber Incidents Over Thanksgiving Holiday

As your team starts winding down for a long Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends, Beckage reminds you to be diligent about preparing for and preventing cyber incidents. History shows that holidays present an opportunity for cybercriminals to exploit system vulnerabilities because organizations typically have less staff on hand to manage a response.

In anticipation of Thanksgiving weekend and the upcoming holiday season, CISA published a reminder for organizations to proactively protect themselves against ransomware and other cyber incidents while many employees are at home reading recipes instead of emails. CISA recommends organizations examine their cybersecurity posture and implement the following security best practices to mitigate their risk:

  • Identify which IT security employees will be available to respond in the event of an incident.
  • Check that multi-factor authentication is uniformly in place, especially for remote access, administrative accounts, and systems housing sensitive data.
  • Use strong passwords protocols and require unique passwords for each account.
  • Secure and monitor remote desktop protocol (RDP) or any other potentially risky service.
  • Remind employees to authenticate links before clicking and conduct cyber exercises to test their understanding.

If you detect any anomalous or concerning behavior, no matter how discrete, we recommend that you contact Beckage immediately. Our incident response attorneys are available 24/7 via our Data Breach Hotline. Call 844.502.9363 or email to reach a member of our staff.