Holiday Cybersecurity Incident Reminder

Reminder: Be Diligent About Cyber Incident Preparedness During Holiday Break

The holidays are a time for your team to unplug and enjoy quality time with friends and family. But while employees are home celebrating, threat actors may be hard at work. Based on our experience, the holidays present an opportunity for threat actors to infiltrate systems because organizations typically have less staff on hand to detect and respond to a cyber incident. Before your team heads home to celebrate, Beckage recommends taking several steps to secure your systems to prevent threat actors from ruining your holiday. 

  • Review your IT and security team schedules to identify the employees who are available to respond in the event of an incident. 
  • Raise employee awareness about the threat of phishing and remind them to independently authenticate links before clicking.
  • Review your incident response plan and provide key team members with a physical printed copy in case a digital copy cannot be accessed. 
  • Install all computer and app updates and patch systems, including firewalls.
  • Enable multifactor authentication on all accounts and apps, especially remote desktop, administrative accounts, and all systems that hold sensitive company data. 
  • Back up your data and store backups away from your normal environment. 

If you suspect any malicious activity before, during or after the holidays, no matter how discrete, contact Beckage immediately. Beckage’s 24/7 Data Breach Hotline is constantly monitored. Call 844.502.9363 or email to speak to one of our incident response attorneys.