core values

STEM Supporter

Beckage attorneys include technology leaders, advanced science degree holders, tech company founders, and start-up board members, so we understand the importance of promoting Science, Technology, Engineering & Math in the next generation of female leaders. We are dedicated, as individuals and a firm, to increasing the number of girls and young women pursuing STEM education and careers. To this end, Beckage has made charitable contributions to many organizations throughout Western New York, including a donation to UB School of Management’s Girl Tech Day 2019 as well as to WNY STEM Hub’s “Girl’s Coding Project,” and volunteering at the WNY Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Additionally, Beckage designated WNY Stem Hub as the recipient of a $1,000 grant from Lake Shore Savings Bank. Beckage attorneys and staff are regulator speakers at schools and programs to foster STEM initiatives.

Early Adoption of Technology in Law

Our team includes nationally-recognized leaders in data breach response and cybersecurity and privacy law, as well as former federal regulators, former in-house counsels of international companies, tech entrepreneurs, business owners and public–company executives. Our lawyers and technology specialists help you grow your business and achieve strategic objectives, adapt to new technologies and regulations, identify and reduce risk, and manage the response to data breaches, cybersecurity incidents, privacy matters and other crises.

Women Owned Business

Beckage is committed to advancing women in law and technology. Beckage is majority owned and managed by women, and the advancement of women and minorities in the practice of law is a Firm Core Value. We actively recruit and refer work to women and minority-owned businesses, working to make the legal industry a more inclusive and diversified field. Beckage is proud to be a NYS certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

Customized Fee Philosophy

We work for you and want to add value to your business.  Generally, we believe that the billable hour model is outdated, obsolete and incentivizes work of little value to the client. We have the flexibility to work with clients on pricing structures that reflect our value and promote their satisfaction. We invite you to consider whether one of the following fee arrangements may be right for your business:

  • Monthly Retainers & Subscription Services

  • Flat Fees & Project Rates

  • Blended Rates

  • Success Fees