What Our Clients Say:

“The team at Beckage exceeded our expectations in every way. They were very diligent and thoughtful and helped navigate an unfortunate litigation matter that we were dealing with as a company. I highly recommend their firm for legal services and would use them again.”

Co-Founder, Supplement Manufacturer


“We ran into a completely unexpected problem and Beckage was enormously helpful in solving it. We’re a small company that sells natural confectionery products in stores and sells a very small amount online to customers directly. We found ourselves unexpectedly in the middle of a federal class action lawsuit for an alleged inaccessible website under the ADA. Kara Hilburger negotiated with the plaintiff’s attorney on our behalf and was always knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, and successful! She was also able to help us find someone to re-work our website so that we wouldn’t be vulnerable to any other similar charges in the future. Throughout, we felt very lucky to have Kara on our side and looking out for our interests.”

Founder, CEO Natural Food Manufacturer


“We worked with the Beckage team to build a comprehensive data security and privacy infrastructure for our organization. The team did a phenomenal job guiding us through the entire process and helping us to understand the various statutory requirements and best practices for operationalizing security and privacy within our company. The project moved along just as the Beckage team promised and maximized our internal resources as we worked through the implementation. The team was responsive, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with.”

CFO, Worldwide Bicycle Manufacturer



“After outsourcing our e-commerce to a third-party shared platform, we learned of a serious breach that exposed PID and credit card info on over 100,000 customer accounts. The platform provider made things very difficult for us and we struggled to get the particulars of the breach and the underlying customer information needed to provide all the necessary consumer and governmental notices. We had not encountered anything like this before and asked our corporate counsel for a referral. He unhesitatingly recommended Beckage, and we are forever grateful that he did.  Beckage quarterbacked the entire breach response, including consumer and government noticing, interfacing with our cyber insurance carrier and working through and around the many shortcomings of our ecommerce provider. Beckage did a marvelous job helping us manage customer blowback and we escaped with minimal damage.  Unfortunately for us, not twelve months later, we were shocked to discover an additional breach from that same provider.

We had to go through the whole breach response again, but due to the egregious nature of this second failure, our cyber insurance carrier agreed to fund a recovery claim against the provider.  His only proviso was that Beckage handle the suit. That was no problem for me, we both knew Beckage had unmatched expertise in technology, cybersecurity and the law.  Curiously, neither of us had seen that exact intersection of specialist knowledge anywhere else. And Beckage combines that integrated know-how with tenacity to pursue every nuance every which way.  That is the key to successful litigation, like ours eventually became. Litigation is never your first or second choice, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil.  If you have such a case in anything cyber, Beckage is the devil you want on your side.”

COO & CFO, Specialty Manufacturer


“Finding Beckage was unbelievably fortunate for our Company.  We engaged them on a major data breach incident and the learning curve on this topic was almost nil.  We had an ADA lawsuit, again put us with someone who was an expert and resolved quickly.  Then we had another unrelated issue related to software development, again got up to speed quickly and went to work utilizing another resource within the firm.  Unlike many law firms I’ve worked with, the attention was on swift and successful business outcomes.  All contacts there have been impressive.  I plan to keep this firm in my “rolodex” (old school term!) for the rest of my career.”

President, Lifestyle Brand


“Beckage is my first call whenever there is a suspected security incident. The team’s background in technology—and work with entrepreneurial tech firms—allows them to immediately address the issues at hand instead of translating IT speak to legal terminology. Beckage attorneys have a natural ability to fuse the technical IT challenges with the legal requirements and communications both in a way that is understandable to those under high stress situations.”

CEO of an Information Technology and Services Company


“Beckage’s Litigation team defended our business in a large putative consumer class action matter brought in federal court under the Telephone Consumer Protection Statute (TCPA).  Beckage litigators were tenacious, they understood the class action process and consumer privacy terrain and advised that we bring critical motions to the Court – which were successful and resulted in the case against our business being dismissed with prejudice.  Beckage attorneys understood our business practices and needs, were responsive and creative thinkers, and I would not hesitate to recommend Beckage for high stakes, bet the business litigation and class action defense.”

General Counsel, International Staffing Industry